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Oil & Gas Group

The days of oil and gas ventures having to look outside the state for customized banking solutions are gone. California now has a fully dedicated Oil and Gas Group headquartered in the richest oil-producing county in the state – Kern.  Serving Californians - from California.  

Led by Aytom Salomon, the group is made up of seasoned bankers, engineers, and business consultants with decades of industry-specific financing and treasury management experience. With us, clients will benefit from the substantial oil and gas expertise of Board Chairman, Eugene Voiland, retired CEO of AERA Energy LLC, and Warner Williams, former VP of Chevron.

From production to point-of-sale, we know the industry and we’re at your service, right here at home.

  • Industry Specializations

    • Exploration and Production
    • Oilfield Services
    • Oilfield Equipment
    • Transportation
    • Construction
    • Refining
    • Alernative Engery 
  • Financing Solutions

    • Reserve-Based Lending
    • Asset-Based Lending
    • Working Capital Financing
    • Equipment Financing
    • Upstream, Midstream, Downstream and Service Sector Financing
    • Oil & Gas Property Acquisition Financing
    • Capital Expenditure and Development Drilling Financing